Texas Gulf Coast

It was time to leave Texas Hill Country and head for the Gulf coast. A couple years ago we stayed at Goose Island State Park, near Rockport. It was nice, except for the day a bunch of bees swarmed our den-on-wheels. I don’t think I ever told you that story. Really, there’s not much to tell. They went away eventually, and nobody got stung.

Live Oak Trees

Anyway, Tom decided to go back to Rockport and stay for a couple months. He made a reservation at one of those places they call a “resort”. When we got there they gave us the last open spot. It was tiny! It’s a good thing our den-on-wheels is small, or we wouldn’t have fit.

They did have a nice big dog run, though. That’s the main reason Tom chose to stay there. I even made friends with a cat! He liked to sit outside the dog run to play with me. It’s too bad he wouldn’t come in. We would’ve had a grand game of chase!

There wasn’t much to do in our tiny campsite, and the weather was gray and rainy most of the time. Tom worked on his computer a lot polishing up his photo gallery. Tom puts all his best pictures in his gallery. There’s a link on the right side of this page if you want to have a look.

Rover the vagabond dog pokes his head out the back window of the truck, waiting for the ferry to take us across the channel to Mustang Island
Port Aransas Ferry

Whenever we had a good day, we went out looking for adventures.  A long chain of islands runs along the coast almost all the way down to where Texas ends. One day, Tom drove our truck onto a ferry so we could cross over to the islands. I don’t like ferry boats. They’re too noisy! Thankfully, it only took 10 minutes to cross the channel, and Tom stayed with me in the truck the whole time.

We stopped at a few places on the island. Most of them were pretty crowded. I guess everybody decided to go out in the nice weather.

Rover the vagabond dog does a happy dance on the beach at Padre Island National Seashore
Padre Island National Seashore

My favorite place was Padre Island National Seashore. They have a whole beach where we dogs can walk with our people. Dogs are supposed to be on a leash, but some people let their dogs run around loose anyway. I always get nervous when other dogs are running around loose. But, none of them bothered us.

There are a lot of strange-looking birds on the Gulf coast. They have tall legs, like stilts, and they walk around in the water while they’re hunting. Tom spent a lot of time taking pictures of the birds, and he added the best ones to his gallery. Here’s a movie Tom took of a  stilt-bird hunting for its lunch:

Finally, it was time to leave our tiny campsite in Rockport. Tom was glad we didn’t have to stay there any more. He decided to go back to Goose Island State Park again, and we stayed almost 2 weeks. The bees left us alone this time.

Tom and I both like the state parks wherever we go. They don’t have nice big fenced dog runs like the resorts. But, they usually have nice big campsites. Tom likes having his own space. I like it better, too, because I don’t have to worry about what the neighbors are doing.

A flock of roseate spoonbills flies through a cloudy sky, forming a loose chevron of pink against the blue sky and white clouds
Roseate Spoonbills

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