A Job in Yellowstone

Rover at Yellowstone National Park

One morning, Tom and I were sitting outside at Grammy and Grampy’s house. Tom was talking on his phone, and he was really excited. After he hung up, he announced: “I got a job in Yellowstone!”. Tom seemed very happy about this, so, of course, I was too.

Things started going wrong almost right away. Humans everywhere started getting sick, and everybody was told not to leave their houses. We weren’t sure if they were even going to open Yellowstone! Most of the campgrounds everywhere were closed, so we couldn’t move anywhere. We stayed with Grammy and Grammy.

Finally, after a while, the humans decided to open up everything, even though they were still getting sick. Tom packed up our den-on-wheels and we headed for Yellowstone!

“Bob the Bison” roams the employee campground at Yellowstone National Park

The first day we got there, a giant, hairy cow-monster was wandering around the campground! Tom called him “Bob the Bison”. Bob was a nuisance. He would come wandering through the campground and stand right in front of my bunk window, eating grass. I barked and barked until my bark box hurt, but he didn’t care.

Yellowstone is infested with these cow-monsters. They’re almost as big as our truck! And, they wander around like they own the place! Sometimes, they would just walk down the middle of the road, with a long line of cars behind them.

Yellowstone National Park is infested with giant hairy cow-monsters

Even if they weren’t in the road, some people would stop in the middle of the road to look at them. Silly people! Those things were everywhere, all you had to do was stop down the road and wait for them to come to you. Tom did that a couple times. They came and surrounded us, and we couldn’t leave until they moved on. Tom got a lot of good pictures, and I wore out my bark box.

Tom had to work a lot while we were there. Most days, he went to work after we finished breakfast, and came back in time to eat dinner. On those days, we walked around close to the campground. Some mornings, we saw a wolf out walking around the campground! I was pretty excited, but after a couple times the wolf didn’t seem to care about us at all.

This geyser is on the road where Tom and I went walking. We saw it shooting water a lot.

On the days he wasn’t working, Tom and I went out to play in the park. What a strange place! Hot steamy water leaks out of the ground almost everywhere. Sometimes it shoots out of holes in the ground! Dogs aren’t allowed on the hiking trails in Yellowstone, but Tom found some back roads where we could walk together.

One time, we were walking by a small creek, and I jumped to the other side. My leash pulled Tom over onto one foot. He stood there on one foot for a while, waving his arms around. I thought he was going to jump across, but he couldn’t get his other foot down. Finally, he just fell into the creek. I thought that was pretty funny, and I did my happy dance, but Tom didn’t seem too happy. He got all muddy, and the inside of the truck got pretty muddy, too. We went back to the campsite so Tom could clean everything.

Some days, we went outside of the park to play. There are lots of places where dogs are allowed on the trails. Sometimes, we drove all the way to Cody so Tom could buy food for me. They have a really nice doggie park there, and we always went there so I could RJFA (run, jump, and fool around). They even have a lake, and some of my new doggie friends convinced me to try swimming. I didn’t like it.

We stayed at Yellowstone all summer and almost into winter. It snowed and got really cold. The last couple of days we were there, it got so cold that the water in our den-on-wheels froze! Tom hitched up and drove south, looking for warmer weather. About halfway through the day, everything finally thawed. We kept driving south, and I hope we don’t stop until it’s nice and warm again.

Fed entirely by geysers and hot springs, Nymph Lake steams in the cool of the early morning

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