Colorado, My Home

I suppose you’ve been wondering where I’ve been lately? While we were checking out the California Superbloom, my Grampy called Tom and said he needed some help fixing up our cabin in Colorado. A lot has happened since then, so I’ll just tell you the highlights. But first, in case you didn’t know, Tom isn’t … Read more


I’m bored! Since we got back to Colorado, Tom has been busy helping his family. It’s fun hanging out with them, but we’ve only gone on one adventure. Sometimes we stay in the mountains near Cripple Creek. When we first got there, it snowed and I got to run around play. The snow feels funny … Read more

Great American Eclipse 2017

Since we moved to Colorado for the summer, Tom hasn’t had much time for adventuring. That’s why I was so happy when Tom loaded his adventuring stuff into the truck! He asked “Do you want to go to Idaho and watch the solar eclipse?” I didn’t know what a solar eclipse is, but if it … Read more