Texas Gulf Coast

Three whooping cranes fly just above the tops of the live oak trees in Goose Island State Park near Rockport, Texas

It was time to leave Texas Hill Country and head for the Gulf coast. A couple years ago we stayed at Goose Island State Park, near Rockport. It was nice, except for the day a bunch of bees swarmed our den-on-wheels. I don’t think I ever told you that story. Really, there’s not much to … Read more

Washington State

The waters off the rocky coast of Juan De Fuca Straight merge with the morning fog. A lone seagull flies through the scene, above the rocks and patches of seaweed.

It was just a short ferry ride from Vancouver Island to Port Angeles in Washington. But, we left late and it was already nighttime when we landed. At first the border guards wanted to search our den-on wheels. By the time they changed their mind, it was almost midnight. Luckily, Tom planned ahead to stay … Read more

North to Alaska

A panoramic view of the Alaska Mountain Range from Denali National Park

Tom decided that Alaska was finally thawed out enough for us. Our campsite reservation in Denali National Park was only 2 weeks away. We had to move fast to get there in time! Tom pointed our den-on wheels northward and off we went! Canada was a blur. We like Canada, but there was no time … Read more

Antelope Island

Last time we were in Utah was at Four Corners National Monument. We wanted to look around Utah some more, but winter was coming and Tom was in a hurry to move south. This time, it’s cold again, and Tom is in a hurry to move north. We camped at Yuba Lake up in the … Read more