Moving Fast

We’ve been moving fast lately so we could visit with Cuz in the southern land of Florida. I told you about Cuz before when I was on a boat. I was hoping to be on a boat again, but he moved to a new house and his boat wasn’t there.

When Tom wants to move fast, we only stay one or two nights at a camp before moving on. Sometimes he doesn’t even unhook our den-on-wheels from his truck! It’s hard to find time for blogging, but I always try to be social with a few pictures here and there.

While we were visiting Cuz, I jumped right back into my lizard-hunting duties. Cuz has a sleepy old dog named Oscar, but he’s no good at it. The place was overrun with lizards! They’re fast, but I did catch one. Tom told me to drop it and threw it away. Mission accomplished!

Tom and I didn’t do any adventuring together while we were there. He and Cuz went off together nearly every day to do busy stuff, leaving me with sleepy old Oscar. It was okay though, because some of Cuz’s friends stopped by to play with us.

We left Cuz’s house a few days ago. Florida is beautiful, but we’re moving fast again. I wonder where we’re going now?

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