Getting Fixed

Crumpled liner of a wheel well on a trailer after a broken leaf spring

It’s not what you think! I was “fixed” when I was a puppy! Tom says I’m still broke sometimes, but that’s another story. In our last episode: Our den-on-wheels broke a spring in Alaska (North to Alaska Part 2). Fixer-people in Tok took care of the spring. But, we still had a crumpled spot where … Read more

North to Alaska Part 2

A bald eagle soars in front of the mountains near Valdez Port.

There’s so much of Alaska! We only drove through half the state, and it took two whole months! It usually only takes one day to drive through a state. Except Texas, that takes three days. After we left Anchorage, we drove along the ocean to Homer. There were four Bald Eagles flying around the campground. … Read more

North to Alaska

A panoramic view of the Alaska Mountain Range from Denali National Park

Tom decided that Alaska was finally thawed out enough for us. Our campsite reservation in Denali National Park was only 2 weeks away. We had to move fast to get there in time! Tom pointed our den-on wheels northward and off we went! Canada was a blur. We like Canada, but there was no time … Read more