California Superbloom

After we left Alaska, Tom planned to head south through California. Sadly, the summer fire season was much worse and much longer than usual. After going through all the fires in British Columbia, he decided to detour through Idaho and Nevada instead. California would have to wait. On the way, we visited Tom’s brother in … Read more

Cathedral Gorge, Nevada

Moon Cave at Cathedral Gorge in Nevada isn't a cavern. It's a slot canyon. Looking up, you see a strip of the sky running between the canyon walls.

Tom originally planned to go south from Vancouver Island through California. But, there were still wildfires in California, so we headed west through Idaho to Nevada instead. On our way north to Alaska, we stayed at Valley of Fire in Nevada. It was a beautiful place. Some of our neighbors there said we should check … Read more

Vancouver Island

Darkis Lake reflects the surrounding beauty in Strathcona Park on Vancouver Island

I’ve been on a boat before, but I never imagined there was one big enough to float our den-on-wheels! Along with a bunch of other cars, trucks, and even a couple of big semis! Driving inside the big boat was scary, like being in a tunnel. When we stopped, Tom got out of the truck … Read more


Tom found a campground in Oregon where we could stay for a month. He said, “Let’s stay here and wait for Alaska to thaw”. He’s been planning this Alaska trip for a while now, and he’s waiting for the right time to start. Our campsite in Oregon was right on the Snake River where it borders … Read more