Vancouver Island

Darkis Lake reflects the surrounding beauty in Strathcona Park on Vancouver Island

I’ve been on a boat before, but I never imagined there was one big enough to float our den-on-wheels! Along with a bunch of other cars, trucks, and even a couple of big semis! Driving inside the big boat was scary, like being in a tunnel. When we stopped, Tom got out of the truck … Read more

Smoke and Smoke and Smoke

Smoke hangs over the cliffs of the Coqihalla River Canyon in Hope, British Columbia

After we left the Canadian Rockies, we headed south towards Vancouver. Tom wanted to put our den-on-wheels onto a big boat so we could visit Vancouver Island. But, British Columbia is a big place. We couldn’t drive there all in one day. As we were driving the first day, we saw smoke coming from one … Read more

The Canadian Rockies

Honeymoon Lake sits at the foot of the Endless Chain Ridge in Jasper National Park.

While we were on our way North to Alaska, we drove past some tall, snowy peaks that looked a lot like those in Colorado. Tom said, “Those are the Canadian Rockies. Maybe we’ll stop there on the way back.” So, after we got our den-on-wheels fixed, Tom decided it was time to go for a visit. … Read more

Getting Fixed

Crumpled liner of a wheel well on a trailer after a broken leaf spring

It’s not what you think! I was “fixed” when I was a puppy! Tom says I’m still broke sometimes, but that’s another story. In our last episode: Our den-on-wheels broke a spring in Alaska (North to Alaska Part 2). Fixer-people in Tok took care of the spring. But, we still had a crumpled spot where … Read more