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Colorado, My Home

I suppose you’ve been wondering where I’ve been lately? While we were checking out the California Superbloom, my Grampy called Tom and said he needed some help fixing up our cabin in Colorado. A lot has happened since then, so I’ll just tell you the highlights. The "Cabin" But first, ...
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California Superbloom

After we left Alaska, Tom planned to head south through California. Sadly, the summer fire season was much worse and much longer than usual. After going through all the fires in British Columbia, he decided to detour through Idaho and Nevada instead. California would have to wait. On the way, ...
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A view from the rim of Seminole Canyon shows the steep limestone sides carved through eons of erosion. Pools of water and green shrubs dot the floor of the canyon.

Seminole Canyon State Park, Texas

Texas has some of the best state parks anywhere. One that we keep going back to is called “Seminole Canyon State Park and Historic Site”. What a mouthful! It’s a hard name to say (especially if you’re a dog), but a wonderful place to stay. Shaman Sculpture There’s miles and ...
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Three whooping cranes fly just above the tops of the live oak trees in Goose Island State Park near Rockport, Texas

Texas Gulf Coast

It was time to leave Texas Hill Country and head for the Gulf coast. A couple years ago we stayed at Goose Island State Park, near Rockport. It was nice, except for the day a bunch of bees swarmed our den-on-wheels. I don’t think I ever told you that story ...
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The clear water of the Guadalupe River runs next to a colorful sandstone cliff in Guadalupe River State Park

Texas Hill Country

Winter was coming to the Davis Mountains of west Texas. Tom said “Let’s stay in Texas for the winter. We can go to the Gulf Coast. It’s warmer there.” One good thing about the coast is there’s lots of sand on the beach. I love sand! It feels funny between ...
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