Davis Mountains, West Texas

The Davis Mountain Scenic Loop follows alongside Limpia Creek through Limpia Canyon near Fort Davis, Texas. Cottonwood trees along the creek begin to show their autumn colors.

The Davis Mountains in West Texas make this Colorado dog feel right at home.  Tom and I have driven through a few times. Every time, Tom says: “Let’s stay here a while next time.” Well, it was finally next time. We camped at Davis Mountain State Park near Fort Davis. There were lots of great … Read more

Cathedral Gorge, Nevada

Moon Cave at Cathedral Gorge in Nevada isn't a cavern. It's a slot canyon. Looking up, you see a strip of the sky running between the canyon walls.

Tom originally planned to go south from Vancouver Island through California. But, there were still wildfires in California, so we headed west through Idaho to Nevada instead. On our way north to Alaska, we stayed at Valley of Fire in Nevada. It was a beautiful place. Some of our neighbors there said we should check … Read more

The Canadian Rockies

Honeymoon Lake sits at the foot of the Endless Chain Ridge in Jasper National Park.

While we were on our way North to Alaska, we drove past some tall, snowy peaks that looked a lot like those in Colorado. Tom said, “Those are the Canadian Rockies. Maybe we’ll stop there on the way back.” So, after we got our den-on-wheels fixed, Tom decided it was time to go for a visit. … Read more

Oh! Canada Again!

Bear glacier flows down from the mountains in British Columbia, surrounded by clouds

On our way North to Alaska, we didn’t stop in Canada for very long. Tom and I already explored the east coast of Canada. We planned to explore the west on our way back from Alaska. Our first stop on the return trip was Congdon Creek Campground in the Yukon Territories. The whole place was covered … Read more