Planet Hopping

Tom and I visited all the planets yesterday afternoon. We even visited an asteroid! But we didn’t visit Eris, the recently discovered dwarf planet. That’s 45 miles in the other direction.
A long time ago, near the turn of the century, some people at the University of Maine had a great idea. They decided to build a scale model of the Solar System along Highway 1. They built each planet model to scale, and placed them according to their average distance from the sun.

The model originally stretched from the campus in Presque Isle all the way to Houlton, 43 miles south. Pluto is at the Maine Visitors Center in Houlton, near where we’re camped. After Eris was discovered, they added that 45 miles south of Houlton. Maybe they’ll find something really far out some day, so they have to add a model in Florida!
The nice people at the visitors center gave us a map so we could find all the planets. We drove north all the way to Presque Isle and stopped at each planet to take pictures. Tom missed Neptune, Ceres, Mars, and Venus on the way up, so we found those on the way back.
I make fun of Tom doing his busy stuff, but I’m glad you humans do things like this. I don’t think we’ve ever stopped at so many different places in one afternoon! Such wonderful smells!

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