Acadia National Park

Tom likes to visit National Parks, but a lot of them won’t let me go  hiking. Acadia National Park is one of the exceptions. The park has many traditional hiking trails. They also have something called “carriage roads”. The carriage roads are open to pedestrians and their dogs. If you hire a horse-drawn carriage, you’re dog can’t come with you. The park has two areas you can drive to from the mainland, and a couple of islands.

Tom and I camped at Lamoines State Park. It’s halfway between Mount Desert Island and Schoodic Peninsula, so we could easily visit both areas. The campground is right on the coast. We took most of our walks along the shoreline so we could watch the fishing boats. I’m glad we stayed here instead of the National Park campground.

The biggest problem at Acadia National Park is deciding what to do first. We were only there for a few days, so we drove around and did some short hikes. One of the rangers sent us to Gorham Mountain Trail for a longer hike. It was really pretty, and we had a great view of the coast from the top.

This is the oldest National Park east of the Mississippi, so there’s a lot of history here. Somebody named Rockefeller built the carriage roads. Also, there’s a lot of other attractions close by that we didn’t have time to visit. It would be nice to come back some day and spend some more time.

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