Davis Mountains, West Texas

The Davis Mountains in West Texas make this Colorado dog feel right at home.  Tom and I have driven through a few times. Every time, Tom says: “Let’s stay here a while next time.” Well, it was finally next time.

Rover the vagabond dog climbs on red and grey sandstone rocks along the Davis Mountains Scenic Drive in west Texas.
Rock Climbing

We camped at Davis Mountain State Park near Fort Davis. There were lots of great hiking trails right close to campsite. My favorite trail climbed a long way up the ridge above the campground to a lookout over the city. There are lots of other lookouts along the way, with benches to enjoy the view. 

There were lots of animals around, too. Some deer liked to hang around the dry creek behind our campsite. There were some mountain sheep in the rocks. And, a fox came around the campsite one night. I barked and growled until Tom told me it was okay.

Some days, we went driving through the mountains, like we do in Colorado. There’s a scenic loop with some nice places to stop along the way. There’s only a couple of hiking trails, though. One of them belongs to the Nature Conservancy, and dogs aren’t allowed. Phooey!

A view from Main Street looking upward toward the balcony above the front door of the historic Hotel Paisano. Palm trees on either side frame the portico.
Hotel Paisano

One day, we drove to a little town called Marfa. There’s a place near the town where people sometimes see strange lights floating around. We didn’t see any lights, but there’s a lot of cool old buildings and modern art to look at. Tom found a place where we could sit together outside and ordered lunch. I always like sitting with Tom at lunch places. Everybody was so nice to me, and I was a good doggie. 

Some days later, it started getting cold at the campground. Tom said “it’s too cold here in the mountains, let’s find some place warmer.” So, we packed up our den-on wheels and headed for lower tudes (altitude and latitude).

Sawtooth mountain, in the Davis Mountains of west Texas, has a jagged summit that resembles the teeth of a sawblade
Sawtooth Mountain

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