Great American Eclipse 2017

Since we moved to Colorado for the summer, Tom hasn’t had much time for adventuring. That’s why I was so happy when Tom loaded his adventuring stuff into the truck! He asked “Do you want to go to Idaho and watch the solar eclipse?” I didn’t know what a solar eclipse is, but if it means riding in the truck I’m happy.

Then I got another happy surprise. My Grampy (Tom’s Dad) went with us! We didn’t take our den-on-wheels, though. Tom’s brother lives in Idaho, and we stayed with some of his friends in the mountains.

It took us three days to drive to the Idaho mountains. A bunch of people were already there, and two other big doggies. One of the doggies was named Porter, and the other was Kahlua. Kahlua didn’t like me. I tried to play with her, but she always growled at me. Porter wanted to play with me, but Tom wouldn’t let us play in the house.

Tom has a trick where he wraps my leash around his belt. I have to follow him around like a caboose. The other doggies stayed behind a gate on the up-stairs, so we barely ever met. The next morning, we all took a long hike together. That was fun, but I still had to stay on my leash.

I made another new friend in Idaho. There were two children, a boy and a girl. The boy was a little scared of me and stayed away. The girl really liked me. We watched a movie together that evening, and she petted me the whole time.

The next morning everybody got busy. Tom said, “It’s almost time for the eclipse.” I still didn’t know what an eclipse is. I had to stay by the truck while everybody got ready. Such excitement! It started getting darker and colder. Tom’s brother counted backwards and then yelled “There it is!”

It got really dark like nighttime for a little while, and then it started getting light again. All the people were really excited, and took a lot of pictures. So that’s an eclipse? Big deal. Just a really short night. I didn’t even get a chance to sleep!

After it was over, we packed up the truck again. Later that afternoon, we started driving back to Tom’s brother’s house. But, there were a lot of other cars on the road. I guess they were there to see the eclipse, too. We had to wait in line for a long time.

I’m glad we got to go adventuring with Tom’s Dad and Brother. It’s always fun to find new places and make new friends. I can hardly wait until Tom hitches up our den-on-wheels again.


Thanks to Michael Kelley for the Post-Totality photo in the post header. Also thanks to Kara for the great picture of me sitting in Tom’s lap. 

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