I’m bored! Since we got back to Colorado, Tom has been busy helping his family. It’s fun hanging out with them, but we’ve only gone on one adventure.

Sometimes we stay in the mountains near Cripple Creek. When we first got there, it snowed and I got to run around play. The snow feels funny between my toes, like sand, but freezy! Then, when it got warmer, there were a lot of scary thunderstorms.

Sometimes my Grampy (Tom’s dad) comes to stay with us at the cabin. They do a lot of work together fixing things. Usually, I find a nice spot in the sun to take a nap when they’re busy. Either that, or run downstairs to get away from the thunderstorms. They always seem to come in the afternoon, and they’re really loud!

When we’re not at the cabin, we usually stay for a few days at Grampy’s house in Colorado Springs. I love Grampy and Grammy. But, Grammy has trouble walking and I have to be careful around her. Sometimes I forget, and Tom yells at me.

Tom’s sister has a farm in Parker, and sometimes we stay there, too. There’s a lot of room to walk. And they have chickens! I tried to get a close look at the chickens, but they don’t like me.

Tom helps out around the farm a lot. He also helped his other sister sell her house and move. My cousin from the east coast moved to Colorado, and Tom helped him, too. So busy! But, they’re all nice people and I love them.

Lately, it’s been snowing again. Tom brought our den-on-wheels to the cabin and he’s been busy fixing it up. Time for more adventuring! I hope we don’t have to Bug Out again!

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