Four Corners

After we left Colorado, we stayed in New Mexico near the Four Corners. There’s a monument where the corners of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona all come together. I wanted to go run through four states faster than ever before, but they don’t allow dogs. Phooey.

Tom found lots of other places we could go. We stayed near Shiprock, and visited a huge rock planted in the ground. The Navajos say they came to this world on the back of a giant bird. The bird turned to stone after it landed, and became Shiprock. Would that make it a Giant Statue? If so, I think it must be the biggest statue in the world!

We visited Petrified Forest National Park, where all the trees turned to stone! Dogs are allowed, so we went for some little hikes. We also went to Bisti Badlands. It was all sand with a bunch of weird rocks poking up. It looked like another planet! We took a nice long hike while we were there.

New Mexico sure has a lot of rocks! I like climbing around on them, and Tom likes taking pictures of them.

After we left New Mexico, we went to Winslow, Arizona. We visited some Hopi ruins, but I couldn’t go near most of them because I’m a dog. We also followed the legendary Route 66 for a while, but I’ll tell you about that some other time.

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