Getting Fixed

Rover, the vagabond dog, plays happily on the beach at Cottonwood Island Park in Prince George, British Columbia
Cottonwood Island Park

It’s not what you think! I was “fixed” when I was a puppy! Tom says I’m still broke sometimes, but that’s another story.

In our last episode: Our den-on-wheels broke a spring in Alaska (North to Alaska Part 2). Fixer-people in Tok took care of the spring. But, we still had a crumpled spot where the wheel hit. Tom tried to get somebody in Fairbanks to finish repairs, but they didn’t want to do anything. Finally, Tom called some fixers in Prince George, Canada. They said they could do it, and Tom told them we’d be there in two weeks.

When we got to Saint George, we spent the first night at a casino. Sometimes we just find a place to park, if we don’t plan to stay long. Whenever we stop at a casino, Tom gets something called a “cocktail”. I wonder if that’s like the butt end of a chicken?

The next morning, we took the den-on-wheels to the fixer place. When we got there, everybody was running around like crazy. They had too much to fix! We left our den with them and found a nice park to wander in. Tom brought us a picnic lunch, so we stayed there all day.

Later, we went back to the fixer place, but they hadn’t started our den-on-wheels yet. Tom told them: “I really want this fixed. If you can promise me you’ll fix it tomorrow, I’ll leave it here tonight”.

The fixers agreed, and we got a hotel room for the night. We hardly ever stay in hotels. I like our den-on-wheels better. We can sit outside on our own porch. And, I don’t get a bunk in the hotel. Tom likes it, though, because he has his own shower room.

The next day, we went back to the park and wandered some more. Then, we wandered around the city in the truck. Finally, the fixer-people called and said our den-on-wheels was finished.

Tom said they did a good job and thanked them for taking care of it. We hitched up and drove to Walmart to get supplies. We stayed overnight at the Walmart, too. A lot of other campers were there. It’s a regular thing. We call it “Wal-docking”.

We only stay one night in any parking lot. At sunrise, we drove onward to our next adventure.

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