North to Alaska Part 2

There’s so much of Alaska! We only drove through half the state, and it took two whole months! It usually only takes one day to drive through a state. Except Texas, that takes three days.

After we left Anchorage, we drove along the ocean to Homer. There were four Bald Eagles flying around the campground. A couple liked to sit in a tree just across from our campsite. But, that was nothing compared to our next campsite. It was near a town named Anchor Point, right on the ocean.

Bald Eagles were everywhere! They liked to sit on the beach and wait for food scraps. Tom got some really good pictures. I thought about chasing the eagles, but they can fly fast and have sharp claws. I heard one carried away a poodle! Or maybe that’s just a rumor. I hope so.

Next, we went to Seward. Our campsite was right on the beach! There was also a nice hiking path through the campground and into the city. We spent a few days just exploring, and Tom went to a museum. A museum is a place with a lot of signs. Tom loves reading signs. They don’t allow dogs in museums, but I did get to play in their big yard.

Finally, we went to Valdez for a week. It rained almost every day, and the water nearly overflowed onto the roads. We tried to go hiking one day when the rain stopped, but the trail was underwater.

When we left Valdez, Tom was planning to drive back through Canada to the US. But, the road from Valdez was really rough. There were signs everywhere that said “ROUGH ROAD” and “SLOW”. Tom went slow, but not slow enough. We heard a loud THUNK! Tom pulled over and got out to look. He came back and said “The spring on our den-on-wheels is broken, and the wheel hit the bottom”.

We were a hundred miles from anywhere. Tom drove all the way to Tok and found a place where they fixed a lot of broken springs. They must be experts, because they fixed it in less than an hour. But, the bottom of our den-on-wheels was still crushed where the wheel hit.

Tom decided we should go back to Fairbanks to see if we could get it straightened out. We stayed at the same campground we were at when we first came to Alaska. It was nice being back in Fairbanks. But, the fixer-people there said they were too busy to fix our den-on-wheels. So, Tom made some calls and found a place in Canada that would do it.

Before we went to Canada, though, Tom found a couple more places to explore. He found a nice campground by a lake where we could stay a few days. There were moose around the lake! Moose are big and scary, but I’m getting used to them.

The next day, we visited a little town named Chicken. Such a funny place! I know what a chicken looks like, because Tom’s sister keeps them on her farm. This town has a giant chicken statue! They also have a big music festival every year called Chickenstock.

Now we were really finished with Alaska. At least, for this summer. So, we hitched up our den-on-wheels and headed toward Canada.

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