End of the Road

dog inspects stone cairns at Meat Cove near Cape Breton National Park
Stacked Stones

Tom parked our den-on-wheels at Cape Breton Highlands National Park a while ago. Today, we left our den behind and drove to Meat Cove. It’s as far north as you can drive in Nova Scotia. We drove around for a while, then stopped at the public beach. There were only a few people when we arrived. Eventually, they left and we had the whole place to ourselves.

What an amazing and remote place. The wind blowing off the bay smelled wonderful! I sniffed and sniffed and did my happy dance all around! There were stacked-up rocks everywhere. We’ve seen these rock piles a lot since we got into Canada. Im not sure who (or what) makes these stacks. The rocks are too big for the squirrels to carry. Besides, squirrels never stack anything so good. No, definitely not squirrels.

Then, Tom did something he almost never does. He put my leash down and let me explore on my own! We explored for a long time, and I was a Good Doge. What a fun day. I hope we find more places like this

We reached the end of the road on this side of the continent. A couple days ago, we went scouting for our next campsite. We have to leave here in a couple days, and Tom isn’t sure where to go yet. One thing’s for sure: we can only go South from here!

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  1. You look like a happy dog!!!
    I’ll tell you a secret: The stacked-up rocks are made by whales when they come at the beach by night (only when the tides are high!). They made it since thousands of years, just for fun. In German they are called “Steinmännchen” (the rocks, not the whales!). 😉

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