Antelope Island

Last time we were in Utah was at Four Corners National Monument. We wanted to look around Utah some more, but winter was coming and Tom was in a hurry to move south.

This time, it’s cold again, and Tom is in a hurry to move north. We camped at Yuba Lake up in the mountains, and it snowed! Tom jokes that we’re practicing for Alaska. I hope he’s right. I love snow!

The best place we camped was Antelope Island, in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. Usually we go to the beach at places like this, but the water stinks and Tom didn’t want to get close.

We only stayed one day, but we did a few hikes and Tom took a lot of pictures. There was one place we hiked where some early settlers made their home. Can you imagine living on an island and having to sail seven miles across stinky water to get off? We didn’t have to go on a boat, because they finally built a road.

The most amazing thing about Antelope Island is all the animals. We saw antelope, and lot’s of different birds. And there are giant, shaggy cows everywhere. We even had one come into the campground! Tom says lots of people call them buffalo, but they’re really bison.

At first I was worried about the bison. I warned Tom and tried to hide when one got close. But, he was already getting out of the truck to take pictures. When I saw they weren’t going to hurt us, I stopped worrying so much.

Utah is a really beautiful place. We’ll have to come back some time when we’re not moving fast.

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