North to Alaska

Tom decided that Alaska was finally thawed out enough for us. Our campsite reservation in Denali National Park was only 2 weeks away. We had to move fast to get there in time! Tom pointed our den-on wheels northward and off we went!

Canada was a blur. We like Canada, but there was no time to explore now. “We’ll look around on the way back,” Tom promised. But, we did stop at one really nice place near Whitehorse in the Yukon Territories. We stayed a couple days and hiked along the Yukon River, then went on our way again.

Nine days after we left Oregon, we reached Fairbanks, Alaska. Tom found a nice place on the Chena River so we could explore Fairbanks for a while. We visited the park and hiked a lot of different places. There was so much to do! We could’ve stayed longer, but soon it was time to move to Denali.

Denali wasn’t a long drive. We got to our campsite in time for lunch.  I love lunch. It’s my favorite time of the day, along with breakfast and dinner! Anyway, I could tell right away there was something different about this place. It smelled so wild! I stood on my hind legs and sniffed all around! 

There was a wonderful old tree in the campsite. Our first morning, we heard some loud hooting. Tom said “That sounds like owls!” He went outside to look, but couldn’t find them. We kept hearing them, but couldn’t find them. Finally, on our last day, the campground host came through our campsite with a bunch of official-looking note-makers. Tom cornered them and made them explain. There was an owl nest in the wonderful tree! You could only see it if you stood in a certain spot and looked at a certain place. No wonder we couldn’t find it!

There was a really nice hiking trail from the campground down to the Savage River. We hiked there two or three times every day. We also hiked along the road to one of those parking lots where everybody gets out to take pictures. Some people even took pictures of me! I’m so proud!

After we left Denali, we moved to Anchorage. We only stayed a couple nights, but Tom found a great trail along the coast where we could spend the day. Then, it was time to move on.

Well, that’s all I have time for now, but there’s a lot more to tell! We made lots of friends along the way, and they told us about so many places to go adventuring. We love having friends tell us where to go! Next time, I’ll tell you about our visit to the Land Of The Bald Eagles, and the Place Where It Always Rains.

And, our den-on-wheels suffered it’s first breakdown. No spoiler here, but everything is okay now.

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