Cayuga Lake

Being a dog, I’m not allowed in a lot of places. Tom has to leave me in the truck, then rush back to make sure it doesn’t heat up too much. Even though he has a shade for the front window, it can still heat up pretty fast. Tom won’t even go into some places, because he would have to leave me too long.

Today, I’m going to tell you about Cayuga Lake in New York. It’s by far the most dog-friendly area we’ve visited since we left Colorado. We camped at a very pretty place called Fillmore Glen State Park. The New York State Parks are a little different about dogs. Tom had to show the ranger my rabies certificate, but everything was cool after that.

One day, Tom got up early and loaded his backpack. I always get excited about that, because it means we’re going on an all-day adventure! First, we went to Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. A lot of the refuges don’t allow dogs, but they didn’t have any problem here. Tom and I hiked around a 1.5 mile loop. We found a tower to climb and look out over the whole lake! I was only a little scared climbing back down.

After that, Tom stopped at a place called a “winery”. Tom went in first to check, then came back and said “You can come in!”. I was so excited! Tom put my leash on and we went in to look around. After a while, the wine lady gave Tom some little sips to drink. She gave me a whole bowl full of water, so I guess she liked me better.

While Tom sipped his drinks, some other people came in, and I greeted them all. Tom says I’m getting better at greeting. He always tries to prepare me to make sure I do it right. But, some people just walk right up to me. Then, I forget myself and jump all over them and try to lick them till they’re all slobbery.

After we left the winery, we stopped by the lake and had a picnic lunch. Then we went to a place called a “distillery”, and we walked around another park. I was allowed to go everywhere, except into the park buildings. I love New York!

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