Dog Mountain

dog running around with tongue hanging out in front of the Dog Chapel in Dog Mountain
The Dog Chapel at Dog Mountain

Yesterday, we went for a long drive in Vermont. Tom kept saying, “You’re going to love this”. On the way, we stopped to eat lunch at a place with a nice, big patio. I like these kind of places, because I can sit with Tom and greet the other people. Best of all, Tom bought me ice cream!

We left the lunch place and went up the hill to a place called Dog Mountain. I could tell it was special before I even got out of the truck! There wasn’t anybody else in the parking lot, and I could hardly wait to get out. As soon as we went around front, two other dogs came over to greet me. And there were lots of other dogs running around everywhere! Tom wouldn’t take my leash off, because he was afraid I would run away with them. He’s probably right, because chase is my favorite game!

First, we went to the Dog Chapel. It’s a very quiet place, full of letters and pictures that people placed in tribute to dogs. Tom and I were alone at first, but a couple of nice ladies came in later. They came to see a picture of a dog they knew that had gone on to the Great Playground.

After we left the chapel, we took a hike through the woods. There were a lot of other dogs out hiking with their people. I got to greet most of them.

When we got back from hiking, we went into the store. Tom let me pal around with the store dog while he bought himself a t-shirt. He asked about something called a “backpack” for me, but they didn’t have any.

Dog Mountain is a wonderful place. They really cherish dogs. You can read more about them at and you can also buy stuff from their online store.


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