New Mexico

Tom decided to go back to Colorado for the summer. So, we stopped in New Mexico for a while along the way. We drove through New Mexico when we went Along The Border, but only stopped for a couple days. This time, we stayed a long while.

The first place we stayed was near Roswell. There’s a museum in Roswell named the “International UFO Museum and Research Center”. Tom loves museums, but they usually don’t allow dogees. This one does! I’d never been in a museum before, so I was pretty excited.

There were lots of signs for Tom to read. He always reads all the signs. When we’re outside, I usually sniff the neighborhood news while he reads. But, there wasn’t much to sniff in the museum.

Pretty soon, I got bored. Then, suddenly, there was a loud booming noise like thunder! On one side of the room, a big metal disk started smoking! It was so scary! I dragged Tom out of there as fast as I could!

We wandered around downtown Roswell for a while. There was a nice park outside the museum. Also, funny little statues of green and gray monsters everywhere. A lot of the stores let me in, too. Roswell is a very dog-friendly place.

After we left Roswell, we went to Alamagordo. There was lots to see and do there. But, my favorite places were White Sands National Monument and Sacramento Peak.

For me, sand and snow are two of the best things in the world. At White Sands National Monument, the sand is white like snow! I pulled Tom up a sand hill and did my happy dance all around the top. Some people were sliding down the hill on pieces of cardboard. That looked like a lot of fun, but we didn’t have any cardboard.

Sacramento Peak was another great place. We went hiking around the National Solar Observatory. There were lots of signs for Tom to read, and I found some really interesting smells. But best of all, there was snow!

We haven’t seen snow since we had to Bug Out of Colorado. There were just a couple of small piles under the trees, but I got to jump in and stomp around a little bit. I’m sure we’ll find more snow when we get to Colorado!

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