Tom found a campground in Oregon where we could stay for a month. He said, “Let’s stay here and wait for Alaska to thaw”. He’s been planning this Alaska trip for a while now, and he’s waiting for the right time to start.

Our campsite in Oregon was right on the Snake River where it borders Idaho. We drove to visit Tom’s brother several times. They watched movies while I watched the ducks in the back yard. I like Tom’s brother a lot. He doesn’t even mind when I sit on his shoes!

We visited a few other places, too. Tom went to visit some wineries, but I wasn’t allowed. I miss the dog-friendly wineries they have in some other places.

The National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center is a good dog-friendly place. There’s only a couple short trails, so we hiked them all! It took a while, because Tom stops to read all the signs. They also had some old-timey dens-on-wheels. They’re sort of like the one we camp in, but there aren’t any beds and they used ox to pull them instead of a truck. Traveling wasn’t very easy back then.

We also tried to look at Hells Canyon. The name sounds sort of like Valley of Fire, and I hoped it looked as pretty. But, when we got close, there was too much ice on the road! We stopped and wandered around a bit, but then we went back to our campsite.

If Oregon isn’t thawed out yet, I wonder what it’s like in Alaska?

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