Larger Than Life

Why do humans always make things big? It seems everywhere we go, there’s giant statues. And Tom always stops to look at them. Here’s a few of the favorites we found so far.

Sam Houston Giant Statue

Of course you’d expect giant statues in Texas. But, Tom didn’t expect this! We were driving along, when all of the sudden, he said “Wow!” and took the next exit! The statue is so tall, we could only fit his legs in the picture!

The Biggest Nut

We found this giant  pistachio nut in front of a store near Alamagordo in New Mexico. But, Tom says I’m the biggest nut in this picture. There were all kinds of yummy-looking things in the store, but nothing for dogs. They wouldn’t even let me inside! Boo!

Potato Museum

Canada has a lot of giant statues, too. The Canadian Potato Museum has a giant potato in their  front yard! There’s lot’s of potato things in the store, and a museum, but they don’t allow dogs so Tom didn’t go in for very long.

Giant Lobster Statue

This giant lobster greets visitors to Shediac in New Brunswick, Canada. There were lots of people climbing on it, so Tom had a hard time getting a good picture. I’m sure Tom was wishing for a giant tub of lemon butter to go with it!

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