We spent most of last winter in the great land of Texas. Tom was born in Texas, but only stayed for 2 weeks. I think he’s trying to make up for lost time!

The most amazing thing about Texas is how big it is. It seems like a whole country all by itself! Down by the big salty water, it seems like Florida. In the middle, it feels like Atlanta, where I met Tom. And then, at the top, it’s all dry and full of stickery plants instead of trees.

I like the dry places the best. There’s not so many bugs and mosquitos. And, it’s easier to see the animals and birds because they can’t hide in the trees. There’s no squirrels to watch, but lots of rabbits instead. The only problem is sometimes I get stickers in my feet. Tom tried to put “hiking boots” on my feet, but I won’t wear them.

There’s a funny kind of bird around here called a “roadrunner”. It looks like a skinny chicken. I’ve never seen them fly, but they run as fast as a rabbit. One kept hanging around outside my bunk window. It looked so strange, it drove me crazy! I even broke through the screen trying to get a better look!

Tom was pretty mad and called me a bad doggie. I don’t like being a bad doggie, so I was good after that. Even though the roadrunner still drove me crazy.

And then there were the buried cars… and all the great hiking… Texas has so many things to see and do. I know we’ll be back. Some of our favorite places are here!

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