Tom wanted to settle down for a while so he could do his busy stuff. So, we moved our den-on-wheels to a camp in the desert. He said “We’re going to be snowbirds”. That was strange, because there wasn’t any snow and we don’t have wings.

A lot of other snowbirds were camped there, too. And best of all, there was a dog park! I made a lot of friends with the people and the other doggies. There were a couple of Golden Retrievers named Ted and Stella. We were best friends, but Ted got sick and died. Stella was really sad. She moped around and kept looking for Ted. After a few weeks, though, she started feeling better.

Sophie was another one of my best friends. She usually played with me for a little while, but I wore her out pretty quick. Tom called her “Darth Sophie” because she sounds funny when she barks.

And then there was MacGregor. He didn’t come until just a few weeks before we left. When I first saw him, I was afraid, because he’s a giant! But, he likes to play rough just like me, so we had a lot of fun together.

Tom made lots of friends, too. They did something called “happy hour”, but doggies weren’t allowed. It always made him happy, though. He also bought some flower decorations for our den-on-wheels. One of our neighbors at the camp made them out of cans.

We didn’t do any adventuring while we were there, because Tom was doing his busy stuff. But, with all the friends we had, that was okay. It never snowed, and I still don’t have any wings, but I like being a snowbird. Maybe we’ll go back next year!

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