Waiting For Spring

Tom wants to go to Alaska. He says it’s even bigger that Texas, but it’s colder than Colorado. So, we’re staying where it’s warm until winter’s over. I can hardly wait!

After we left the snowbird camp, we went back to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. We went there last year, too… it’s a really nice, warm place. The only problem is it’s full of stickery trees. Tom gave up trying to make me wear “hiking boots”, so I had to be careful where I put my paws! I didn’t get stuck with anything this time, though.

We had a really nice neighbor for a while. She’s a photographer just like Tom. They talked a lot about traveling. She even took our picture and posted it on her blog! Meeting new friends is one of the best things about traveling. You can see her blog post here:


Next, we went to Painted Rock Petroglyph Site. Tom likes rock art and always goes to look when we’re close by. Doggos weren’t allowed by the rocks. I could go anywhere else, but there’s nothing else there! We only stayed a couple days.

Right now we’re in the Valley of Fire State Park near the legendary city of Las Vegas. When we first tried, the campground was full! Luckily, we found a big camping spot nearby with a lot of other campers. It was free, so we stayed there for a couple nights. Then, we got up early and found a nice campsite in the park.

There’s a lot of campers around here. I guess they’re waiting for spring just like us.

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