Along the Border

Tom decided we should explore Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. So, we’ve been traveling fast along the Mexican border. It’s a long trip, and we saw all kinds of interesting places along the way.

Starting in Texas, we camped at Seminole Canyon State Park. There’s a lot of great hiking trails right at the campground. We went on a different one each day! One day, we did a 7 mile loop out to the Rio Grande River and back. That was my first look at Mexico! Funny, it looked just like Texas. And, there was no dotted line like they show on the map.

Tom went on a couple hikes without me, because dogs aren’t allowed. The rangers lead hikes to some prehistoric rock art in the park every day. Tom’s favorite hike wasn’t in the park, but very close. It’s called the “White Shaman” rock art site, just a mile outside the park. The Rock Art Foundation and the Witte Museum lead trips there every Saturday.

Next, we went to Alpine, Texas and stayed at the Lost Alaskan RV Park. Tom and I both like to stay there. It was our second time! I like it because they have a really nice dogee play pen. Tom says it’s one of the cleanest campgrounds he’s seen.

Alpine is near Big Bend National Park, but it takes a while to drive there. We visited the National Park last time, so we went to the Sate Park this time. The road runs along the Rio Grande River, and you can look into Mexico the whole way. It was a really pretty drive and Tom took some great pictures.

After we left Texas, we camped for a couple days at Pancho Villa State Park in New Mexico. There’ wasn’t much hiking, but lots of history signs. Tom always likes to read everything. He even stops at some of the signs while we’re pulling our den-on-wheels down the road. I sniff the neighborhood dogee news while he reads the signs.

Mexico was only a couple miles down the road, so Tom went shopping without me. I guess I could’ve gone into Mexico, but not into the store. What is it with humans and stores and dogs, anyway?

When we got to Arizona, we stayed at a KOA in Benson for a couple days. I like to stay at KOA, because they almost always have a dogee play pen. It was cold and windy, so we just stayed in the campground while Tom did his chores.

Finally, we got to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Dogs aren’t allowed on many of the trails, but we did walk around the campground every morning. We also walked to the visitor’s center to do our Internet stuff. The best thing we did was drive around the park. I was kind of scared on the longest drive, because it got really bumpy. But, we had a nice picnic, so it was a lot of fun too.

I don’t think we ever explored so much country in such a short time. Before, when we travelled fast, we hardly ever stopped to look around. I like it better when we go exploring.

Here’s Tom’s reviews of the campgrounds we stayed at:

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  1. Rover, tell Tom we enjoyed the hike at the “White Shaman” and look forward to meeting you in person some day. The next time you and Tom are back in South Texas, give us a shout.

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