Valley of Fire

While we were waiting for spring, Tom decided to visit Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. It sounded nice and warm to me. Maybe even a little scary! I was worried that the fire might get too close to us! But I didn’t have to worry. It’s called that because the rocks are bright red like fire. They even seem to glow at sunset and sunrise!

I think this was one of my favorite places so far. We stayed at Arch Rock Campground, in among the rocks. It was nice to go out our door and start climbing the rocks. I tried to do that every time we went out. We did lots of hiking, and we climbed some of the rocks to sit and watch from the top for a while.

We went out every day, and Tom took lots of great pictures. It wasn’t just about the rocks, though. There were some petroglyphs, so of course Tom had to go look at them. There were also some of those rock-logs like at Petrified Forest National Monument near the Four Corners.

It was kind of hard finding a campsite, though. When we first tried, the campgrounds were full! So, we camped for a couple days at Poverty Flats. It’s just a big gravel parking lot where you can camp for free. It’s only about 10 miles from the park, so it was easy to drive there.

We stayed at Poverty Flats for a couple nights. There wasn’t any adventuring to do, but the internet was powerful and Tom did some of his busy work. Then, early in the morning, we drove back to the park. The signs still said the campground was full, but we went in and found a spot after all. Lucky us!

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