Cathedral Gorge, Nevada

Tom originally planned to go south from Vancouver Island through California. But, there were still wildfires in California, so we headed west through Idaho to Nevada instead. On our way north to Alaska, we stayed at Valley of Fire in Nevada. It was a beautiful place. Some of our neighbors there said we should check out Cathedral Gorge. So, that’s what we decided to do this time.

Pink spires of sandstone at Cathedral Gorge in Nevada evoke a natural cathedral
Cathedral Gorge

Nevada State Parks don’t take reservations, so we stayed overnight in a campground close by. The next morning, we left early and drove to Cathedral Gorge. Somebody had just left one of the nicest sites in the park. “Ha! It’s ours!” Tom said smugly. He backed right in and set up camp.

The place is called Cathedral Gorge because of all the rock spires. It does look like a huge, baroque cathedral – a cathedral of nature! The campground is right in the middle of the gorge. There are hiking trails going in all different directions. We stayed for 9 days and hiked all of them. On one side, there were a bunch of caves. They weren’t covered, like most caves. Instead, you had to climb through the spires to get to the back.

Rover the vagabond dog stands in front of a giant statue of an alien spacemen at the Alien Research Center on the Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada
Alien Research Center

The Extraterrestrial Hiway was close by, so we drove there one day. It’s kind of like Roswell, but without so many people. We stopped first at a museum with a giant alien standing in front. Of course, I had to get a picture with me and the giant alien! We stopped at a couple other places, including a strange locked mailbox in the middle of nowhere. I wonder who gets the mail from there? Finally, we ate lunch at a place named the Little AleInn.

A piece of shale from Oak Springs Trilobite Site near Caliente, Nevada, contains the fossilized head if a trilobite. It looks like a giant bug stuck in one corner of the rock.
Trilobite Fossil

We also went hiking to a place called Oak Springs Trilobite Site. Tom was looking for rocks with something that looked like a big bug stuck in them. The bugs weren’t alive, so I didn’t care about them. But, it was a nice hike, and we went back a couple of times.

Nevada is such a big, beautiful, place! I know we’ll go back again some day.

Clouds, lit by the setting sun at Cathedral Gorge in Nevada, look like fire in the sky
Sunset at Cathedral Gorge

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