Franklin D Roosevelt State Park

After we left Florida, we went back to Georgia to visit one of Tom’s friends. They told us about Franklin D Roosevelt State park, so we camped there for a week. It’s a nice place. The campsites have lots of room and plenty of trees.

One bad thing though… somebody threw a litter of puppies out to run wild in the park! Why would anybody do that? People are really mean and stupid sometimes. The rangers said they caught most of them, but there were still a couple running loose. I hope they catch them before something bad happens.

There are lots of great places to hike in the park. Pine Mountain Trail runs along a mountain ridge for 24 miles. I wished we could hike the whole thing. There was beautiful scenery everywhere. We even found a little Gnome Home built into one of the trees!

We tried to visit Franklin Roosevelt’s “Little White House” nearby, but they don’t allow dogs at all. Callaway Gardens is also close by, but dogs aren’t allowed in a lot of places there, either. I don’t mind. Tom always finds good places for us to go adventuring.

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  1. Thank you for following me! Tom and I are having a wonderful time! I know Tom loves reading your blog as well. I’m sure I would, but dogs can’t read.

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