Bug Out


Before we started our cross-country adventure, Tom planned very carefully. There’s a lot to think about when traveling with a dog! The first thing is make sure the dog can ride safely and comfortably. I love riding in the truck, but not all dogs like it. Even I’ve lost my lunch a few times! Tom covered the back seat to make cleanup possible when that happens.

When I ride, I wear a harness with a little leash that clips into the safety strap in the back seat. When Tom makes a sudden stop, I can fall forward a little bit, but the harness catches me by the chest without hurting me. Every dog should have something like this when going for a ride.

We looked a long time before Tom finally bought our den-on-wheels. We both inspected a lot of them and thought how it would be living together in them. After Tom bought ours, we took it up to our den in the Colorado mountains. Tom had a bunch of camping equipment and other stuff there. He was planning on taking a few weeks to set everything up.

Mother Nature had other plans. An early snow storm dumped almost 2 feet on us. I love the snow as much as I love the beach, so this was a lot of fun for me. But, it’s a long walk to reach our closest neighbor, and Tom’s truck was stuck in the driveway!

After a few days, the snow melted enough that Tom could move the truck again. He called a few of the neighbors to help him out, and threw everything we might need into our den-on-wheels. Our neighbors made a convoy with us to get back to the main road, and we started out on our adventure.

Even though we left in a hurry, Tom’s planning was good enough that we had everything we really needed. Actually, Tom is still throwing stuff away, saying “why did I bring THAT?” I think humans spend way too much time worrying about plans. They should spend more time having fun, like us dogs.

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  1. Oh, yes! We’re both very attentive when we go for a drive. I always warn Tom when something’s wrong, like an animal in the road or the truck is stopped or (even worse) the truck is going backwards!

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