The Canadian Rockies

Rover, the Vagabond Dog, sits in front of the Mount Robson Provincial Park portal. The portal features the park name, with a statue of a mountain goat standing on top of a rocky ridge.
Mount Robson Provincial Park Portal

While we were on our way North to Alaska, we drove past some tall, snowy peaks that looked a lot like those in Colorado. Tom said, “Those are the Canadian Rockies. Maybe we’ll stop there on the way back.” So, after we got our den-on-wheels fixed, Tom decided it was time to go for a visit.

We stayed at Robson Provincial Park in British Columbia. It’s just a few miles from where we drove by on our way to Alaska. There were lots of people there, but they mostly stayed near the campground and the visitor center. There were a lot of other hiking trails all over the park, so we never felt crowded.

Some days, we went to a nearby town named Valemont. There’s a little park with a trail through the forest to some ancient sand dunes. Sand and forest are my two favorite things (next to dinner and snow), so I did an extra-wild happy dance!

One morning we went out for a walk, and there was a bear hiding near our campsite! I woofed and growled to tell Tom about it. Tom always believes me when I tell him something like that. He looked around, but he couldn’t see it. Finally, we walked off a ways and one of our human neighbors pointed at it. The bear started moving around our campsite and came a little closer to us. We moved back further and then walked quickly away. It was gone when we got back from our walk.

A couple days later, we saw it again! It was hiding in some bushes near the playground. Everybody around there knew about it, so nobody got hurt. But, it was pretty exciting!

Rover, the Vagabond Dog, looks at the Athabasca River from a viewpoint along the Icefield Parkway. The Icefield Parkway connects Jasper and Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada. It travels through bot Jasper National Park and Banff National Park.
Athabasca River from the Icefield Parkway

One day, we drove up higher into the mountains, in Jasper National Park. It was a long drive, so we spent all day looking and hiking around. The Canadian Rockies are glorious!

Even with the bears, I wanted to stay in the Canadian Rockies forever! Tom says there’s even more snow in winter than we get in Colorado! But, after a week, it was time to move on again. I sure hope we go back some day.

The sun tries to peek through the clouds in Jasper National Park.
Cloudy Mountain Top

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