Washington State

The rocky, tree-lined coast of the Juan De Fuca Straight peeks through the fog at Slat Creek Recreation Area in Washington state
Juan De Fuca Straight Coast

It was just a short ferry ride from Vancouver Island to Port Angeles in Washington. But, we left late and it was already nighttime when we landed. At first the border guards wanted to search our den-on wheels. By the time they changed their mind, it was almost midnight. Luckily, Tom planned ahead to stay overnight at the Walmart just a few miles from the landing. 

The next day, we drove around a bit to find a place to camp. Usually, Tom knows exactly where we’re going. But, the best places around here wouldn’t give reservations. We found a nice campsite at Salt Creek Recreation Area. It was right on the coast of the Juan De Fuca Straight, and we could see Vancouver Island across the water. I think I could even see one of our old campsites!

There were a lot of different birds and even some deer wandering around the park. I was pretty excited about the deer. I jumped and strained on my leash to get a closer look, but they ran away. Tom taught me how to be calm so they would stay. I still forget sometimes, but I’m getting better at it.

Giant gun shells are on display in an old World War 2 gun bunker in Salt Creek Recreation Area near the Juan De Fuca Straight
Camp Hayden Bunkers

Tom spent a lot of time watching for whales in the water, but he didn’t see any. There were a lot of big boats, though. There were also some big old gun bunkers in the park. The guns are gone now, so it’s like a big cave. You can even drive right through!

When Tom ran out of clean clothes, we moved to a KOA in Castle Rock to do laundry. He’s pretty particular about clean clothes. It’s okay with me, though. KOA always has a fenced-in “Kamp K9”  where I can run around without a leash! Too bad we only stayed there a couple of days.

One day, we went for a drive into Mount Saint Helens National Monument. The whole side of the mountain blew out a long time ago. You can still see a lot of dead trees that were tossed around. It’s a pretty drive, but dogs aren’t allowed to go hiking. I could only wander around the parking lots. Phooey!

A view through the clouds into the crater of Mount Saint Helens from the Johnston Ridge Visitor Center. Debris from the 1980 eruption flows down the front, showing where the side of the mountain blew out.
Mount Saint Helens

We planned go south along the coast from Washington to California. But, there were a lot of wildfires in California. We already had enough of wildfire smoke on our way through British Columbia. So, we headed east to Idaho instead. California will have to wait.

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