A Rocky Start

I’d love to say everything’s been peaches since we started out on this trip, but it ain’t so. The good news is, our first night out was the worst so far (by far!). Let me sum up. Snow chased us out of Colorado before Tom was really ready to leave. He picked a random RV park in Oklahoma as our first stop because it was as far as he wanted to go in a day.

When we arrived, Tom’s cell phone didn’t work. There was a local co-op that provided the only signal in the county. No big deal, we’ve been through that before. It turned out that the RV park had an absentee owner. Tom borrowed a cell phone from one of the locals to call the owner, who explained the self-registration process.

After we got everything set up, we settled in for the night. Our next-door neighbor had a small puppy chained outside to a tiny crate. This bothered me terribly. Overnight, the temperature dropped into the low 20’s, and the poor puppy was out there all night!

The next morning, Tom went to the faucet to get some water for his morning coffee. No water! The supply line had frozen. Tom said a few naughty words and started getting everything ready to move. After hooking up the truck and starting to pull out, I felt a small thud!

Tom said a few more naughty words and jumped out to look what happened. Some men from across the road also came running over. Tom talked with them for a while, then climbed back in our truck. He seemed ok now. The nice men waved their arms around and pointed in various directions as we pulled out this time. Then, we headed south for the great land of Texas.

Not sure what I’ll write about next time. So much has happened, and much more is about to! Your best bet is to stay tuned. I have so many stories to tell!

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